getting closer to Ally

Ally just went to class and I knew I had her locker all to myself again. The fact that she had a lot of stalkers helped me get away with rummaging through her locker while students walked along the corridors.


I shapeshifted into a bulky, bully-type guy and walked toward the locker. A few feet from it and I already felt that something was wrong. I don’t need to be a wizard to figure out that there is a spell on the locker door. Now what?


I intended to steal something from her, maybe something that she would go out of her way to chase after. I wanted to lead her to me. But now that I can’t open her locker, what should I do?


“Hey, what are you up to, man?” someone shouted behind me. I turned around to find Jerome, Ally’s bestfriend. I hated this guy.  He was always around Ally and he made it harder for me to observe Ally.


I slowly walked away, choosing to ignore the rudeness in his voice. Then an idea hit me. I looked at Jerome and I mouthed a rude word at him. He then followed – just what I wanted. He followed me to the gym, where no one was around. Then I hit him on the face, which sent him flying across the court.


Jerome lost consciousness. I heaved him up and did my best to get him out of the school without anyone seeing us. Then I took his cellphone and I called Ally.


“I have your friend.”

The End

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