Sometimes I was getting that sense like I was being followed. More recently, I'd noticed some things in my room had been different after I came back than how they were when I'd left them. My locker looked like it'd been rummaged through. I mean I wasn't that messy, was I? In fact, I wasn't messy at all! Ask anyone that I know! So when I opened my locker on that Monday morning to find that the things had been rearranged once again, I narrowed my eyes and glanced around in a slightly paranoid way. Who was doing this? Some stalker? I mean I'd had some crazy boyfriends before, but nothing to this level. 

The only thing that I saw were fellow students with pillows under their eyes, not excited about getting back to class this week. Exams were coming up after all, and that meant that they were probably about to be overflowing with study guides along with teachers and parents reminding them to study even though they knew that they'd be playing XBOX at night with the volume down low. I'd seen the exact same thing with my brother. The one in eight grade, it was no surprise that he was failing practically all of his classes. Well besides P.E. I'd give him some credit for that. 

"Good morning, Ally," my history teacher said as she walked by, giving a small nod.

"Good morning, Mrs. Smith," I told her politely. 

"You might want to clean your locker while you're at it," the woman said, eyeing the mess that my locker had become. 

I frowned, narrowing my eyes as I looked back in the locker. What had been sorted through? I jumbled through my things rapidly, looking to see if anything was gone. Being a witch, most of my things weren't actually what they appeared, they were simply disguised so humans wouldn't suspect that I wasn't normal. For example, if you flipped over my locker-sized white board you would find shelves that contained small potions and spells that I could easily access. 

I went ahead and flipped it over, checking to see if everything was in tact. And yes, it was. Not even a drop from any of the bottles seemed to be gone. I flipped the white board over before anyone saw and I was accused of sneaking alcohol onto the campus. Perhaps I could think of something that would monitor my locker. Hmm...That would be a good idea. 

Today I wore a pair of blue jeans and a Manchester United tee shirt. My hair was tied up, as always. That was when the idea of a protection spell came across my mind. It wouldn't be very strong, considering I wasn't a fully trained witch, but it might do something. I quickly made up a charm so that if anyone touched the locker it would shock them. That ought to do it. If anyone tried to come and steal things out of my locker, they'd have to be trained in wizardry like myself. And with that, I headed off towards class. 

The End

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