Name: Allison-You may call me Ally

Age: Sweet Sixteen

My worldly species: A downworlder. A witch to be specific. No not like some ugly creature who makes spells and all. Think more Harry Potter style. 

Place of Residence: Queens, New York, New York. My family owns a pizzeria in which we live above. 

Appearance: I have somewhat long blonde hair with some natural highlights of brown in there. I normally wear it up to get out of my way for soccer practice and all. My eyes are an orangish-brown color. My skin is average. I spend a lot of time out in the sun for soccer and all, so I have a rather nice tan. My clothes tend to be something along the lines of tank tops and Nike shorts, seeing as that's what I"m most comfortable in.  

How I became who I am: Well I was simply born like this, sweetheart. My father was a wizard and my mother was a witch. Blahblahblah...So here I am. I go to a regular high school and all, not one for creatures of my kind, even though that would be pretty cool...I have average grades, I'm on the soccer team. Number twenty-five. I have two younger brothers. One's only six and the other would be thirteen. 

Is that enough about me? I'd really rather not go into detail about my life and all, you might find it boring. My life is basically average. Face it. Oh and yes guys, I am single.

The End

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