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Sylcia La Voltz has grown up in the upper class of society under the guidance of her father, who has instilled the morals and the will of understanding in her. However at the age of 21 she is forced to take the reigns of her entire house and lead the rest of her country back into the light after her father's mysterious disappearance and her cousin's,(Jakeen's) likewise, mysterious step up to the throne. Now the only thing between Jakeen and the throne is herself and only she realizes what is tru

“As a wretched whore of your standing, I can’t help but to sternly suggest of your removal of my presence, when I want my life to be enlightened by feminine corruption I will send someone for you. Leave me.” I looked upon the young master’s face with a grimace. The Head servant and his Adviser gawked in surprise that not only that he would take that tone with me despite not knowing who I was, but to insult me, when it is I that am older; much less to speak as such within my very walls. I don’t’ anger needlessly however young children should be put into their place, even if it takes a violent hand or a sharp tongue to do so.     
    “I am amazed.” I spoke sternly and unwavering. There was however an unintended hint of irritation and annoyance. I eyed both of the young master’s company and they shifted uncomfortably where they stood. They very well knew who I was upon my entrance but even with their rude master they had not the power to reprimand him, a mere boy of 17. I laughed to myself making it barely audible because power and class is the one of the many things of which I had. The boy looked at me with disconcerting eyes with the slightest hint of disgust. This, as you can imagine, irritated me even further.
    I stepped around the room to the main chair and placed myself in it, and there after reached over to pour myself a drink. The boy stared at me with confusion, no doubt within my mind. After all, this boy was not used to orders not being followed and soon became upset and angry. “How dare you defy me, I gave you an order not a suggestion, I despise those who haven’t the ability to do even that.”
    “And I despise little spoiled brats that always get their way and throw tantrums when they are not pleased.” I shot back. He was stunned thus I continued. “Tell me, do you have any idea as to whose house you currently stand in, I am not the least bit willing to follow your orders, much less even from the mouth of a rather rude young man.” His expression darkened, “Do you know who my father is? I can get my father to lock you up; as if I would stand for being treated as such from a common house servant.”
    “Yes,  I am certainly aware who your father is…” He smirked, in his mind he had won but I continued. “…And it is because of your father that I don’t gut you where you stand.” His smile disappeared, his eyes dilated, and the color began to drain from his features. His company gave me a nervous yet a humorous look for they have gotten to know me and knew the general basses as to what to expect.
    The boy stood motionless and pail, his mind in a bit of an upset. By his expression I didn’t presume anyone had threatened him as I had just done, however his expression was quite laughable. Retaining my composure I continued yet again, “You are in the house of La Voltz, within these walls you get the respect that you earn by giving it. Might I mention that as of right now you are off to a piss poor start. I will not be disrespected as such again, and if it does occur again I would be tempted to actually carve your tongue.” I rose from my seat and walked up to him. “I am Sylica La Voltz, successor to the La Voltz line. I am aware that you will be staying here a few months for educational purposes. That being said, in my company and in my home, you WILL follow my rules. You break one and there is an equivalent punishment. None of them unnecessary, except for disrespect, I hate that one the most.

    I inclined my head to the young master’s company and looked into the young master’s eyes.   “It’s a good thing you are getting to know this early, it saves me the time of fully explaining it to you.”
As if on cue, a tall man in a black suit entered the room bowing deeply and generously, once by my side.
 “This gentleman here is Sir. Minuet, one of my most trusted friends that reside within these walls; he will be both your teacher and your supervisor.” The young master looked from me to him, then back at me. “Basically where you go, he goes.” I looked at Sir Minuet and inclined my head. “Now if you will excuse me…”
    Several weeks went by and letters were exchanged between the young master’s father and  I, in one of which I asked if I had spooked him too much. His reply was a rather comical “no” and that I could do whatever I pleased in order to turn him into the gentleman that he ought to be. As you can probably imagine, I found great joy in this. I looked out the window into the garden below. The next few months will be entertaining; I am looking forward to it.

The End

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