“There are different jobs or, roles, if you will, to get promoted to. From a citizen, you can become an officer, shopkeeper’s assistant, or a Seer’s assistant. To become an officer, you would have to be tested, to see if you’ve got the guts to do what’s right, no matter what it is. You can easily become a shopkeeper’s assistant; sometimes you just have to ask one if they need any help. As for a Seer’s assistant, the only time you can get that rank is if a Seer sees something in you, something that would perhaps spark into becoming something of a Seer. The job of a Seer is very important; they have to See everyone in Aryll; that includes you. They can usually predict your future, or what you may become. For example, the current Seer saw that I would be in high ranking; I just gained my rank not too long ago. When the Seer sees a vision, it is unclear when it takes place, so that doesn’t help out too much.”

        I had nodded, drinking in everything that he told me.

The End

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