It had been about two hours or so when we finally met up with Sky. Pyrros had taken me to a restaurant which served amazing food there. For a meal, I had pasta sprinkled with melted cheese. The drink was a clear-reddish liquid that looked like a liquefied ruby. It tasted like lemonade that left with a warm feeling, only it gave off a different aroma; roses maybe? I was also a big fan of the Sky Fruit Pie, which tasted like apple pie, baked and warm and delicious.

        All the while Pyrros explained more about Aryllians. I had asked if there was a hierarchy of some sort, and he replied with, “It isn’t much of a hierarchy, more of a ranking. Lower ranked, like regular citizens or some with lowly jobs don’t get treated differently than higher ranking Aryllians. Of course, higher ranking Aryllians, like officers, or, me, get treated with more respect. The regular citizens get respect as well, just, we get more. You can get promoted by doing good things for anything. Like if an officer asks of you a favor, and you complete it, you may get promoted. Although, it’d have to be a pretty big favor to get promoted.

The End

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