I sat on the bar, then gripped the bar with my thighs and shins, and hung upside down, like a bat. I felt my black hair hang down, like a darkly-dyed mess of Spanish moss on a tree in Florida. Seeing the world upside down was different, of course, strange; like in the beautiful way a drop of water is suspended in its place for a second, then drops down. Sky walks toward me with an amused grin, and I wave at him. He waves back. He comes closer and closer to my face, until our noses are almost touching. He leans in close­­-

        “Sky, the Councilor wants you.” Pyrros opens the door suddenly and Sky looks away from me. There wasn’t much I could really do; I was hanging upside down for goodness sake.

        I flap myself back up onto the bar, and then drop down in a fluid, almost snake-like movement.

        Sky left in the direction of the Aryllian Palace, to do whatever the Councilor had asked of him. He flew so elegantly and softly, his muscles rippling under the shirt he wore.

        Pyrros had led me through the rest of the city, showing me the stables, where they kept the Pegasi, and various shops. He said that, maybe if I were promoted to an Aryllian citizen, I may get my own Pegasus. I don’t know how well that would go, though StormCloud has seemingly taking a liking to me. Or maybe she just pities me.

        I almost seemed to be taking a liking in Pyrros. He wasn’t that mean, just sarcastic and a bit strict. He was bossy, but in a funny way, like he means to be that way, but, then again, he really doesn’t. I might just be confusing myself over nothing.

The End

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