I walk to the beginning of the obstacle course. In front of me was a box that stood up to my midsection. I back away. I felt like I needed to get a running start on this. I back about eight feet away, then start running, flapping my wings to be ready. When I was about a foot away I jumped onto the box, but didn’t stop there. I hopped onto the next box, which was twice the size of the other, flapping my wings all the way. I didn’t stop until I came across the bar, in which I leaped, grabbed hold of the bar, swung around a few times, beating my wings as Sky told me to, and catapulted into the air, above the bar, feet first. I then righted myself so my feet were almost touching the bar, but I was hovering, lowering myself slowly and gracefully. I hadn’t meant to make a show out of it; that’s just the way it turned out.

        Behind me, Sky clapped slowly. I turn around to look at him, and he wore an expression of impression.

        “Well done. Well done. If I didn’t like you so much I’d probably be jealous.”

        My mouth hung open in mock surprise.

        “You like me? I thought you just wanted to see me fail?”[1]

        “Of course I like you; you’re adorable. And you didn’t fail, unless you think you did.”

        “Adorable? I am not adorable!” I protested. I felt I was blushing slightly, but I wasn’t embarrassed. More so flattered.

[1] Which I was almost sure I was going to fail horribly. Just if I hadn’t made that clear.

The End

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