At that, he snorts with amusement and started setting up what looked like an obstacle course. It didn’t take him too long. There were a few boxes varying in size, and at the end was a bar that was held higher than any of the boxes. It was less than intimidating, but that’s just the point. I’d rather not mess up on something this easy and make a complete fool of myself.

        Once he was finished setting it up, he walked over to me.

        “Okay, so what you want to do here is to flap up onto the boxes. They increase in height each time, so it’ll make you put more effort and power into each flap. That’s just to build up strength and power for the bar. I want you to then jump onto the bar, swing around, and flap your wings to go faster. In the end, I want your feet on the top of the bar. It won’t be easy, but you can do this however you can. I will guide you through it.”

        I nod.

        “That sound good?” he asks.

        “Yes, but, one last thing.”


        “Hands off.” I say with a sly smile. I wanted to do this on my own.

The End

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