“The Head Officer, sir! A broken wing I think it was–” But Steel was already bustling out of the door, and I was left alone. I wasn’t sure what to do. Seconds later, Sky came in and leaned against the doorway and gave me a smile. It was friendly, but also seductive. I knew that was his intention.

        “So, it seems I’ll have to teach you myself.” I shuddered inwardly from the fantasies floating through my head. I don’t know how this will turn out.  He walked over to me gracefully, and I thought to myself that he resembled a cat, with his graceful steps and positioning, as if he might take a step out of place. He was confident, but also slightly careful, as if making sure he did everything right. He was angelic, with his pure white wings brushing behind him. His stride was long, and it did not take him too much time for him to come over to me, although it felt to me as if the world were in slow motion.

        “Okay, so you can barely fly. I can help you with that, Little Bird.”

        “’Little Bird’? What’s with the nickname?”

        “I felt it was necessary.”           
        “Well, your definition of ‘necessary’ is quite different from mine.”

The End

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