I smiled at him instinctively and shook his sweaty outstretched hand, wanting to wipe my hand against the dress, but didn’t, being polite.

        “So, you’re new…? I would’ve thought you’d already had some training in flying…” He trailed off, the words he hadn’t spoken ringing in my ears.

        She’s a spy…

        I shivered, chills running down my spine. Steel seemed to take this as a shiver of anxiousness or excitement. He put his hand on my back, leading me over to another doorway. I looked back at Sky and Pyrros. Pyrros smirked at me while Sky smiled and waved at me. I waved back as Steel led me to another doorway. We walked through it as I realized it was another extension to the building, but this room was empty and smaller. There were various equipment and obstacles scattered around the room in a sort of obstacle course.

        “Okay, so you can’t fly?” he asks.

        “Barely.” I answered.

        “Alright, well–”

        There was a sound of pounding feet and flapping wings, becoming louder and louder, closer to the doorway. A short, elfish teen with white wings (with each feather tinted a sky blue) came blundering in the doorway, breathing heaving breaths and putting a hand to the doorway.
        “Steel! Steel come quickly! There’s been a carriage accident and they’ve been injured–”

        “Who’s been injured?” Steels friendly appearance had been replaced by a serious and almost frantic expression. I could tell he was somewhat panicked, but he controlled it.

        The elfish boy started babbling on about what happened. I never knew someone could talk this fast[1].


[1]  I’m serious. It was as if he were vomiting words.

The End

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