We travelled for a bit on the wide roads, passing stores and people shopping. I still hated the way everyone looked at me, but I was becoming used to it rather quickly.

        Pyrros and Sky led me to a small but wide building. Before they opened the doors, I saw Pyrros smirk at me, and he said, “I want to see how much you fail.”

        He opened the double doors and gestured mockingly to let me go before him[1].

        “Ladies first,” he said. I rolled my eyes and walked into the room.

        It wasn’t quite a room, more like an inside field; it looked like it could fit (about three football fields), and it was filled with various equipment and obstacles, like hurdles and rings, scattered all throughout the room, even on the ceilings. There were people, more young than old, running and flying the obstacles with grace, as if they didn’t need any of the practice. Though, some little ones stumbled through some of them, they were probably just learning. I’d probably be worse, considering I was bigger and heavier than they were, and still just learning.

        A lean man with large white wings with brown spots on the tips of his feathers approached us. He wore a thin shirt, and I could see the stretch of his muscles that were slightly bulging. He had a five o’clock shadow, but it was cut clean[2].

        “And who is this?” he asked with a deep voice, not trying very hard to hide the suspicious tone.

        “This is Topaz. She’s new here,” said Pyrros, giving the man an almost stern look, as if to tell him telepathically to extinguish his suspicions, “Topaz, this is the Flying Instructor, Steel.”

[1] Such a gentleman.

[2] He looked like a male model, to be honest.

The End

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