“No. I’ve never even seen them before.” That may not be true. If that dream I had had, if the tall dark man with shadowy wings was a Phthorian, then I would be lying by not seeing one before. But I wasn’t sure; for all I know, that was just a random dream, with nothing to do with any of this. However, I had my doubts.

He nodded, looking down at his desk, folding his hands over his stomach. Of course he didn’t believe me. I wouldn’t have believed me, either.

He opened up a drawer and seemed to press a button or something of the sort, and said, “Pyrros, please come down to my office.” I exchanged a puzzled look to Sky, but he didn’t say anything. Who was Pyrros?

A few seconds later, the door opened, followed with a blast of heat.

        It was Flame Guy that entered the door. Apparently, his real name was Pyrros, and I assume the name has something to do with fire.

        He glanced at Sky and I for about a millisecond before returning his gaze to the man in the white suit. He then elaborately bowed, saying, “King Salvadore.” Well, finally I know his name. I hadn’t realized he was an actually king, just maybe the...head officer, or something. He certainly isn’t dressed like I thought a king would have dressed.

        He swept his hand toward me, a gesture directed to Pyrros, “Please accompany Topaz and Skychaser with their tour and make sure you show her everything she needs to see.” Pyrros nodded obediently, turned, and started herding us out. Before I left the room, I caught one last look at King Salvadore, watching me, seeming to note my every move.

The End

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