There were long columns that probably would have held the Moon if they didn’t already support the wide, high ceiling. The columns had elaborate yet delicate carved creatures, and each column seemed to have something different, some even I didn’t know. They seemed to be creating their own paths, perhaps carved themselves, instead of have been carved by their artists. I stopped and put my hand on one of the columns. It was the picture of something that looked like a wolf with the wings and talons of a bird. It was very...I don’t know...powerful looking. I didn’t know lines could tell me those kinds of things, especially if I had never seen it before. I have a feeling...a strange one, something I’ve never felt before. It’s not like I’ve seen it before, but I was supposed to see it. It’s the only easy way I can explain it without blabbering on and on about something very unrelated and random.

I felt the symbol, the curve and depth of the line and everything about it. It seemed to tell me, do not lie, or we will know. Who were we?

Suddenly, I felt a warm hand grip my shoulder. I turned my head and saw Sky. He drew me away slowly; we then continued walking for the longest minute of my life. Maybe the length was just for the effect of making people edgier the whole way there. Wherever ‘there’ is.

The End

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