“Fine, Miss Stubborn,” I roll my eyes, “I’ll give you the short part of it. We are not the only ones that live in the sky. There is another...um, race. They, well...they have black wings instead. They are considered evil to us, and we fight them. I assume the Councilor has informed everyone of your arrival.”

I wouldn’t really call it arrival… If anything else, more like an unplanned visit. At the moment he stated they had black wings, I looked over my shoulder at my own wings and he threw a look at me tinged with pity. That explained the strange looks from the other white-winged people living here. They probably thought I was an infiltrator, a spy perhaps, pretending to be stupid and unknowing.


With sudden haste, he continued, “If you were wondering why we fight them, it is because they have killed a former Councilor long ago. We have never forgiven them. We call them the Phthora or the Phthorians. Fun fact: ‘phthora’ is Greek for corruption or corrupted, and that’s exactly what they are.” If I’m not mistaken, I thought I heard a slight hesitation on the word ‘they’, as if he were to say ‘you’ instead.

“Well...I suppose the Councilor would love to see you. You are, after all, a- uh...an uncommon guest,” he said. I noticed that it seemed like he was trying to keep me from thinking that I wasn’t a guest.

He led me down the side of the wide streets and towards a huge palace-like building. Notice I didn’t say ‘palace’. I wouldn’t have called it a palace; it looked more like a gigantic school, with the addition of a massive bell placed within extreme altitude. It looked like a thousand cathedrals all elegantly molded into one giant building. I couldn’t even see the back of the huge building.

The End

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