There were shops; I noticed as we kept on walking, that offered things like medicine and tack for the Pegasi and multiple other items.

People with white wings on their backs milled around, walking around doing normal things like shopping. Everyone seemed extremely casual and comfortable; I on the other hand, was not.

“As you can see, we have shops for all of your needs, so you will never be in need,” he said, gesturing to all of the shops, while smiling widely at his own joke. It was funny, which was ironic, because it wasn’t even actually funny. It was barely a joke at all, let alone a bad one.

I stretched my wings, rubbed my eyes, and yawned.

I guess it would have been better if I had just fallen asleep, I thought, feeling exhaust and regret crawling under my skin and into my brains. I almost started to regret having such curiosity, but curiosity can be good, I just have to learn to have caution with it.

I wonder what my life would have been like if I’d had grown up here, instead of elsewhere. Maybe it would have been better for me, a better life, with normal problems, and everything that is strange to me would be part of my normal life and problems. My life would be casual, normal...though, I’m not so sure about the black wings...

The white-winged people kept giving me strange and untrustworthy looks, as if I were the enemy in their kingdom. I looked back at Sky, and he said, “I’ll explain later.”

Then, I snapped.

“No! If you’re going to explain anything to me at all, just do it now.” He sighed in response.

The End

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