Finally, I feel someone tap on my shoulder. I had laid down on my side to stare at the rising sun, back to the darkness. I looked behind me, seeing Sky’s angelic face staring curiously and concerned at me. I sat up, light headed and tired, regretting my decision to have come up here in the first place instead of sleeping in the offered bed.

He helped me stand to my feet and I shivered; his hands were freezing, but I couldn’t tell how he could possibly be cold when I’m not; though he didn’t look like it bothered him.

“Well, looks like you got your beauty sleep,” he said sarcastically.

“Sleep is overrated.” He chuckled, smiling at me. I smiled back at him.

“Today, I’m going to take you on a tour of the palace and city, me being your tour guide; you have to listen to everything I say.”

“Oh really?” I snorted.


“Everything you say?”


I stared at him in amusement and said, “Alright, tour guide, lead me.”

To get off of the building, he held my hand as we descended, me being clumsy, of course, faltering every inch of the way down. But his wings brushed mine slightly a few times, as if to reassure me. I tripped on my landing, but at least I landed on my feet.

“Don’t worry, we have flight practices.” He said it as if I were a toddler. Well, they probably taught the ‘little angels’ to fly there anyhow.

He led me away from his house after grabbing breakfast (which was, astonishingly, cereal) and through the city. I thought it was more of a small city, or big town, but I suppose it could have really been hard to create something as big as even this. There were bits of cloud floating around. There were streets, but no cars. It was probably only for Pegasi and carriages.

The End

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