The view was amazing, even better than from the window. I could see each and every house­­-

I faltered, dropping a few inches, as well as my heart, as if my heart were flying right beside me. I was so tired, feeling like I wouldn’t be able to make it up all the way. Beads of sweat ran down my temple.

I wanted to scream in frustration; something like this shouldn’t take this much effort. I remembered a shred of memory that pretty much told me, “This too hard for you? You’ve done it before, you idiot.” Seems like what Flame Guy would say.

I finally got up. Well, I mean, almost. I had gripped the edge of the roof. I mustered up my last bit of energy and strength to flap my wings just enough to swing my legs over.

I was heaving in and out, totally exhausted. It wasn’t much of a feat to be proud of. I got up on one knee and looked over the edge. I wasn’t afraid of heights, but that’s nothing to boast about either. I bet anyone living here already, even the young ones, and could have done that in a few seconds. I sighed, my heart still beating at a high rate, glad I couldn’t see anyone around to snicker at my effort.

The view from the window was good, but this was way better, even if it had to take a while to get up here.

I looked back at my wings, examining them[1]. I didn’t fancy the clothing I was in, but it was all I got.

[1] They were beautiful, if I had to say so myself.

The End

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