I tried to be soundless. There was a narrow hallway that probably led to Sky’s room. I felt along the wall again and found another particle door that opened up to a stairway leading to the downstairs.

I tip-toed down the stairs, somewhat flapping my wings to steady myself and also to keep quiet. I was still getting used to the weight I had to carry on my back. I found the door and went through to the living room.

It seemed slightly creepy with the dark room. There were still designs on the wall, black circles, against a gray wall, floating around randomly as if they’ve got no exact location they wanted to go to. I found the outside door, went out, and flapped my wings, embracing the wind and purity. I wasn’t cold. I wasn’t scared. I found myself trying out my bravery, flapping my wings in preparation. I needed to have some independence, especially in a place holding no friends, as such.   

I backed up to the perimeter of the house and started running. I picked up speed, though it was harder with my wings holding me back, but gained enough. I flapped my wings with sudden strength and confidence, flapping more the faster I got.

Now, the house, I have to say, was quite tall. I had second thoughts about this tactic and thought going through the window would be easier, but I kept going. My feet left the ground as I started to breathe heavier.

I can make it up there, I told myself, and I was getting up there.

I kept flapping and gained more altitude, my heart beating out of my chest, crawling towards my throat, threatening to fly up as well.

The End

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