I opened my eyes. I was in a dull blue-gray room, the temperature not cold, yet not quite hot, a comfortable in-between. The wings on my back were sore. I ruffled them, not sure how they quite worked, but seemed instinct to me.

I realized I must’ve been asleep for the rest of the day.

Was it nighttime? I thought. How did I know so much of this world? My memories were mysterious to me, but it was time to stop questioning it.

The room, as I suspected it would have been, without a door. The room was large to me, very spacious. There was a bedside table beside the queen-sized bed. It smelled like clouds in here, and I didn’t know where the image of clouds came from this type of smell, but, again, didn’t have qualms about it.

There was a tall window, as if the function were to be a full-sized mirror and a window as well. The view was beautiful, overlooking the Pale Palace, the buildings floating on the clouds, as if the hundreds of tons of marble didn’t matter. There were houses of different structures, not all the same. Roads and streets and shops and stores…it looked almost like a normal town would.

The floor was marble as well, but wasn’t cold when I placed my feet on the floor. It was quiet, a bit too quiet for my liking and decided I needed some fresh air.

I got up from the bed and searched along the walls where I thought a door would be. I found a notch in the wall, a slight indent. I stood back somewhat and touch in the middle of where the door would be. Particles made way for my finger before I could touch it. I slowly walked through it, amazed by it. I walked all the way through, the particles rearranging themselves back into the wall again.

The End

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