I’m not that kind of person that would be just fine with sleeping and a person you’ve only met, I don’t know, a few hours ago? It bothers me. I know he seems very nice and welcoming, but I know that I shouldn’t just go and trust him anyways...right?

But I mean, what other choice do I have? Run away? Where?
        My thoughts trailed off into the deep dark abyss of my mind, landing on top of my mountain of unanswered questions. In spite of my mixture of thoughts, my eyelids drooped. I blinked them open again, only to drop back down again.

So tired...so...tired...

I drifted off, falling softly onto the comfy, plush couch. I strayed in and out of consciousness, feeling someone carry me up into dim room. I felt sheets and blankets cover my body and fill me with warmth. I felt at home...but, what was home?

The End

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