“You are here because of a prophecy. I don’t exactly know who you are, but perhaps the question is, what you are. If you mean, why we’re here, currently, is a place generated by your own mind. When I touched you, I used my power on you, to calm you down, to try to slow your heart rate, and to put you in your own imaginative mind setting. You will learn more tomorrow. For now, you just need to rest and keep your endless questions for tomorrow.”

I saw the world come back, regaining my senses, and coming back to Sky’s house. Everything seemed bright and new, as if I had taken a bath in a pool of glacier ice water.

I gasped and rolled onto the couch, breathing hard, Sky’s hand on my back. When I settled down, the old man got up. I never got to get to know what his name was.

“Please, just call me the Keeper.” I wonder what it stood for, but I didn’t think it too loudly because it seemed he had to leave.

“That is true. There will be much more time tomorrow,” he said, reading my thoughts. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it, always being surprised. I could literally have an entire conversation without speaking. But, I pushed the thoughts aside.

I yawned as the old man walked out the door, realizing I was much more tired than I thought I was. Sky, sensing I was tired, got up from the couch and said, “You can stay here, for now.” He went through another one of those doors. There were sounds as if he had gone upstairs.

The End

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