There is a rapping on the wall where we entered. Sky and I both sigh, mine being more frustrated, his was just a plain annoyed sigh. He walks up to the door - well, should I say wherever a door or opening would be - and the obscure door opens. I can’t see the visitor, but he seems quite important, or at least, should be highly respected. Sky is speaking very kindly with no trace of the sarcasm he pinches into his words when he spoke to me. Although I could only hear his tone and hand movements, I could not hear what they were talking about and could not try to decipher it, so I just sat there. Was he here for me?

I leaned against the doorway to the small kitchen as the man started speaking with a louder voice, and I realized when he started walking into the house, he was old. Very old. Like, honor-your-elders old. He looked bony and had a short white beard with barely any white hair on the top of his head. He had a staff, I guess to help him walk or something, but he seemed extremely ancient. He looked frail and skinny like he wouldn’t be able to live the next day. But-

“Let your mind speak no more, Topaz,” the old man says. My mind went blank. His wrinkled, dry lips formed a smile.

“I can hear your every thought,” he said plainly.

“So...you can read my mind?” I asked, wondering what else I will learn.

“Indeed. You will learn much more.” Alright, this is really freaking me out. Although...yeah, I should probably stop thinking my own opinions around this guy. Or...anything that he will hear....never mind.

I realized, while I was obsessing over my thoughts, Sky was fiddling with his watch device, which was glowing in strange, different patterns, kind of like his house. Then Sky and the old man talked again in low voices, although, I did somewhat catch what they were saying.

The End

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