We were in his house for about thirty minutes. I just realized that I was hungry so he gave me some food, which, surprisingly wasn’t that strange. I mean, it tasted similar, but the looks of it were a bit startling. Some of the food he said was fruit looked alien-like, but tasted great, like an apple, but even sweeter. It may look deformed or goopy, but Sky says that’s just what Sky Fruit look like. And, if you were wondering, yes, he does keep refrigerated stuff in a refrigerator (and the other stuff in a pantry). Honestly, I was expecting something crazy looking that tastes repugnant or everything to be completely different. For goodness sake, I would think that we’re still on the same planet; although I still wouldn’t be completely foolish to think things would be that different. I don’t really have enough knowledge to tell if this place is great or horrible or something in between.

I need to get out of the muck I’m still standing in. I ask Sky the most bothersome question to me:

“What am I?”

“Well...” he stuck out his right arm and turned it so he saw his forearm. He tapped the middle of his forearm and a circular disc appeared and displayed a circular holographic watch sort of thing.

“I have enough time to tell you, I guess,” I was wondering what he did all day, not to mention, what he was doing out in the sky when he happened to save me, “anyways...I’ll try to put it short for your sake...and mine actually as well,” he thought for a moment, getting ready to explain-

The End

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