The world began to spin and darkness engulfed my vision until it stopped and I appeared in a totally black, empty, and painfully quiet room, making silence have a sound. In the middle of the room sat a girl strapped into a metal chair. She had inky wings reaching her ankles that were also secured to the metal poles of the chair. She was scuffling in the chair, making it wobble and her wings were trying to break the binding in any way possible. She couldn’t. It was just too strong.

Suddenly, a door made of black particles dissolved to make way for a creature concealed in the same shadowy particles, like a cloak. I would have been able to see what the cloak was covering except it was too thick and there were too many particles in the way to see through.

He laughed sinisterly and said in a strange, throaty voice,

“Nothing like another soldier,” and laughed again, looking down on the girl in a pathetically cruel way. He continued.

“I could give you power, enough power to control whoever and whatever you wanted. You just have to come with us.” The girl just glared up at him like she wanted to rip his head off, and probably would because of the way he was treating her. She seems rebellious and brave to be doing this, although I don’t know either of these people.

He frowned at her but said, “Your rebelliousness could be used well in my army. Perhaps you could be an assassin...” He seemed to have a thoughtful expression, but I knew that he was thinking of something harsh from the dangerous glint in his eyes. Soon, he walked off and the particles dissolved, but he stopped before he left.

The End

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