As Sky had guided me, me stumbling, but following him to somewhere he said was safe, I tried to think of any way this could all just be false. Maybe I’m in some kind of simulation and I forgot I ever was in one. Like I had thought before, maybe it’s just some kind of dream I have never experienced before. Maybe I’m in a coma. Maybe I’m dead. I think I should really just go along with whatever this thing is, whether it’s real or not, I may never find out[1].

Sky had guided me into a large white building with a small dome on the top that looked like a penthouse, but I couldn’t see anything in it because I was too far away.

When I got into the building Sky called home, I was very surprised by how colossal the building was inside compared to the outside of it. It was round on the inside, but the structure didn’t seem to match with the style.

It seemed homely in a way. Honestly, I thought it would be like that sharp but boring white room I arrived in, just plain. But, instead, the colors were startling. There were blue swirls, dots, and a myriad of different textures in a universe of any type of blue you could imagine; even ones you never knew existed to eye. It was stunned a brilliant bright light blue.

“Uh...I assume your favorite color is blue?” It was more of a statement than a question, but the obviousness provoked the sarcasm in my tone to rise. Of course I wasn’t really trying to be very sarcastic. At least, not yet. I don’t want him to have a bad impression of me.

[1] Again, overthinking. I’ll just stop pointing them out here or else there’ll be an excess amount of unnecessary footnotes.

The End

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