“Umm...wh-who are you?” I asked, trying not to be very sarcastic or mean, because obviously he saved my life and obviously, why would I want to be rude to a face like this?

He smiled and said, “My name is Skychaser, but you can just call me Sky...or Chaser," he said coolly.

I grinned and laughed nervously and said, “Well, Sky, you’re very strong.”

He smiled, showing pearl-white teeth and then looked up and concentrated on where we were going, still somewhat smiling. I don’t know where we were going, but there was something reassuring about the way he made sure I was comfortable as well as not falling to the ground.[1]

About ten minutes later, we arrived at some sort of pure white, clean looking palace that seemed to be balancing on clouds, as well as floating on its own. I don’t know how that was possible, but I got the feeling that I didn’t want to overthink it.[2]

Finally, we could see a runway made of marble looking material. The Pegasus eventually landed bumpily onto the marble while slowing down to a stop. Sky gingerly set me down onto the ground and my legs wobbled, but I stood.

“T-thanks,” I said, I still quite didn’t recover and take in everything that just happened. I guess I’m going to have to start believing now. Dreams don’t interrupt thoughts. I didn’t even know I could think in dreams. Guess not.

[1] I’m actually pretty impressed with this guy. I don’t think I could have caught someone with giant wings while on a Pegasus, might I add, with no reins or no saddle or anything.

[2] And, by the way, I do have the tendency to overthink things. A lot.

The End

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