I didn’t feel like trying. Maybe, which was completely possible, this was all just one, long, horrible nightmare. Maybe, I’ll wake up before I hit the ground. So I just fell, closing my eyes, believing I’ll be safe in a soft, warm bed as the cold winds ran past me. Maybe I-


“Ooww...” I said as...something happened. Maybe I fell out of bed.

“Sorry, but I’m pretty sure it would’ve hurt much more if you fell all the way to the ground.” It was a guy. Wait, I’m confused again. I opened my eyes and saw an angelic face, glad not to be seeing Flame Guy’s face instead. He had me cradled in his arms[1] with pure white wings bristling behind him. He was sitting on a cream colored Pegasus with a half-amused, half-concerned expression. Another part was fear and suspicion. I wondered why, but decided it didn’t really matter at the moment, pushing it to the back of my mind.

This was weird. This was really weird. It’s like I had fallen out of a Sci-fi movie into a fairy tale. Just to get this straight, I went over the things that just happened in my head. I woke up in a white room, jumped on a Pegasus, flew out a garage door, got bucked off by the Pegasus and almost died by “skydiving” (more like sky-dying), and then, finally, a white-winged angel caught me in his arms. I’m starting to dread that this is more than a dream.

I could be in a coma.

Well, it’s not like I could believe everything that just happened the past day! I don’t know what I would do if it just happens that all of this crap is real. Don’t blame me for being stressed; try imagining being in my shoes![2]

[1] I put aside the fact that my wings were hurting like crazy from falling into the guys arms. I didn’t want to spoil the moment.

[2] I know, not wearing shoes. Just shush.

The End

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