“Hey, Topaz! What do you feel about skydiving?” I heard Flame Guy shout over the wind somewhere on my right.

“What?! NO!” I screamed back. I was NOT skydiving.

“Okay, that’s fine…. PSYCH!” he shouted and then heard a shrill whistle cut through the wind and make its way to StormCloud and I. I guess it was some other signal that StormCloud had been accustomed to, and, next thing I knew it, I was bucked off of the Pegasus.

I was very perplexed and confused and surprised all at the same time that I just couldn’t handle it. I froze, paralyzed, but fell facing towards the ground.

It was weird because I had regained control faster than I would have thought. My mind was still blank, but my body started moving. Somehow, I wasn’t falling so fast and my back seemed to be lifting me, as if I had a parachute strapped to my back. I slowly turned my head to look up behind me and saw a pair of jet-black wings the size of an overgrown ravens’ wings.

And they were connected to me.


Okay...now...I thought my back seemed heavier for some reason before, but...whoa. My mind blanked out all of my questions and thoughts as I glided through the air. My head felt light, my wings faltered and I started falling again, back towards the ground.

The End

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