Now, when I mean out, I mean out in the open air. The sky, I mean. With clouds and cold winds. StormCloud was flying, or should I say falling, almost completely vertical. The rush was exhilarating and amazing, the way it tickled my stomach and the wind pushed my face with invisible hands. StormCloud slightly unfolded her wings so we slowed a bit after we had fallen for about fifteen seconds, and unfurled them all the way before we hit one of the lower levels of cloud with a whoosh.

It was amazing.

I was flying! Well, I wasn’t technically flying, but I was still in the sky and not falling. So, basically, yeah, I was flying.

I swept my hands through the clouds and got major déjà vu. It was that I was doing the same exact thing I was at the moment, sweeping my hands through the clouds, and enjoying myself. I held tight onto StormCloud’s mane to regain my bearings. I felt like this had happened before, like when I get déjà vu, it’s like seeing visions, and I leave one world for a few seconds to go to the next, and then come back to world I came from. It was confusing and disorienting. It’s probably nothing.

I breathed in the fresh air of the sky. The sapphire sky held only blue and white, sky and cloud, but it was still pretty awesome. The blue amazement and the white wonder seemed to reach my spirit and free it from a dark grounded cage, the wind bringing it up into the light and freedom. I felt alive and happy like I’ve never felt before.

The End

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