“Wait, what?” I was confused again. I don’t know how much longer the confusion will last.

“You heard me. Do you want me to give you a leg-up?” Yup, definitely sarcasm. Also, his stupid smug expression was bothering me. I wanted to slap it off of his face. He probably knew that.

I felt myself blushing slightly but tried to push the color out of my face. “I can handle myself just fine!”

“Alright, then do it,” he said plainly, obviously proud of the trap he put me in. StormCloud seemed to know what we were talking about, so she readjusted herself so I could use a small stool in front of the bed. I don’t know why she did it, maybe she felt pity for me or that she likes me, but I was starting to really warm up to this Pegasus. Unless, this was all part of a ‘plan’ this horse and Flame Guy could have been making.

I hopped up onto the stool and mounted StormCloud. I feel like I had the experience of horseback riding, but there were no reins. There was no saddle. I think I have never ridden a horse bareback, because it felt strange, much less a Pegasus. But, it almost felt like I could almost feel the power or aura of StormCloud. I think she was excited, but for what? I think she knew something was coming, which I did not know.

“Alright now. Topaz,” he smirked, “you better hold on. StormCloud, go!” he shouted. I didn’t even have enough time to figure out what was going on until StormCloud started cantering. I held on tightly to her neck and mane as she cantered towards the big white garage door. She jumped out and I made a noise in between a gasp and a scream.

The End

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