I stood up from the clean bed as a majestic white winged horse with dappled black spots trotted into the room and stopped at Flame Guy[1]. He rubbed its nose affectionately and it whinnied softly in happiness. He looked back at me and the horse did the same.

“This is StormCloud. StormCloud meet…uh…what’s your name?”

“My name…? Um…” I honestly didn’t know my real name. I mean, I don’t remember. But I had to think of something…

“Topaz. My name is Topaz,” he didn’t seem quite surprised by the name, but there seemed to be a slight ember of recognition...or, something like that.

“Okay…well, Topaz, meet StormCloud. She’s a flying horse, also known as a Pegasus,” he made it sound like he explained it to a lot of outsiders. I wonder if there were lots of outsiders like me. I wonder if there are any outsiders. Wait…am I outsider?

What am I?

The Pegasus walked up to me calmly and stopped in front of me. I held out my hand tentatively so my palm was facing the winged horse. I disregarded the information I seemed to know about strange horses, but did it anyways. She sniffed it for a bit, and then put her muzzle in my hand, and I rubbed her slowly. She seemed quite familiar, but I couldn’t place where I’d seen her. Oh well, it was probably nothing.

“Well, you seemed to have remarkably bonded extremely quickly,” I think I heard a bit of jealousy, “so why don’t you ride her?” and maybe a bit of sarcasm.

[1] I know, it’s not the best name in the world, but don’t blame me. What else am I supposed to call him?

The End

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