I tried to turn myself around so I could regain my bearings and recapture my control, but I couldn’t. The attacker was relentless but was trying to slow the fall, but we were falling too fast. I looked over my shoulder and glanced at a peaceful and beautiful valley, covered in soft green grass and vibrant wildflowers. I silently thought to myself that this was the end. This was how I was going to die.


Right before we crashed, a brilliant cascade of multicolored light surrounded my attacker and I, making us hover in midair. The peaceful surrounding seemed to wither and blacken, the color sucked out of the grass and flowers, until we fell onto the circle of gray grass as the light disappeared. I didn’t see my attacker clearly, for my vision was blurring and fading, but saw very faint outline of a scar on its bottom lip. I think it was somewhat human, or at least, that’s what it looked like; if you didn’t count the great white wings on its back. I then lost consciousness as the world faded around me and I sunk into a deep dark sleep.


I opened my eyes. It was dark, and I was in a bedroom, somehow hovering over a body engulfed in thick blankets. A digital alarm clock on a bedside table announced that it was almost midnight. I glanced at where my body was supposed to be, but I only seemed to inhabit a faint outline of a strange creature. I didn’t pay attention to that because it didn’t seem to matter.

A human body below me was struggling against a nightmare, when suddenly the door opened quietly to reveal two hooded figures with some sort of small portable machine with a slightly glowing green light with a quiet hum. They set the body upright and tapped a button on the machine. The green light glowed brighter and more intense, washing the room with green light, the hum growing louder of the peculiar contraption. The first figure whispered something I almost didn’t catch, but I could make out a, “This should work.”

The End

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