The Forest

In the middle of a forest stands a tree. Tall and strong, she spreads her boughs and flaunts her foliage, truly being the most beautiful tree in the woods.

Years later, a man comes and discovers the tree. He also says it is the most beautiful tree in the woods, what with her dark green leaves and soft brown-black bark. Her arms reach up to tickle the clouds and out to comfort the other trees. She is the Queen of this forest, her forest.

Years later again, the man returns with more humans. The Queen feels more powerful than ever because her forest is always growing, so she stratches her boughs even more, swaying in the slight breeze. She does not comprehend human speech, but she knows something is wrong when she hears a roaring in the distance. The man puts a fence around her trunk and places his hand on her bark, whispering what she hopes are kind words.

Later still, after the man has taken half her forest, another comes. The same happens, an orange fence is wrapped around her base, she now knows this is in protection, but she doesn't like it. She is the Queen, she is supposed to protect her forest. She uses her stretched boughs to comfort the trees, telling them it is all ok. The roaring starts again, and the fowl smelling animal returns. Its jaws gnaw and chop at her forest and leaves fall from her boughs like tears from he eyes.

Now, she is a sole tree, lft out of what was her forest. She is old and withering, the air is horrible here. the ground is black and the sky is no longer blue, but brown. There are constant clouds, and the sun no longer shines on her people. The Queen weeps often now, almost all of her leaves are gone. Great winds sweep them away, along with the other garbage littering her home. She looks out on what use to be her forest, The Amazon. Her boughs sag, she doesn't feel proud anymore. As the sky grows darker she cries her last tears. Her boughs are empty, and low now, and her forest is no more as she quietly slips into the same fate as her people.

The End

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