Red door.

You enter the room, and are suddenly grabbed from behind, gagged and your hands and feet tied. Then your hands are raised above your head and you are put onto a hook on the wall, where you dangle, the tips of your toes brushing the grimy floor. In the middle, two skeletons are dancing around a massive black cooking pot. 

"Oooooh! A visitor, a visitor!" Chirrups one to the other. 

"Yeees, precious, a visitor," says the bigger one to the smaller one. "Dinner. We shall eat well tonight! We hears this intruder creepin' round the house, and we GRABS them. We knew they would come in here eventually." 

You look to your left. There is a pile of bones, some with a few scraps of meat still on them, lying next to a massive dog bed. You wonder where this dog is, and are glad he is not here. Suddenly, you realise the gag is not tied. You spit it out. What do you do now?

1. Plead with the skeletons in the hope they will have mercy, 

2. Whistle quietly for the dog, 


3. Do nothing. 

The End

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