Enter the Mansion.

You walk up the path, slowly, looking around. At the edge of the little front garden is a gnarled tree, totally bare, even though it is the middle of spring. You push the door and it opens with an ominous creak, allowing you entrance into the gloomy hallway. 

On the walls are strange portraits of menacing-looking people, with gnarled hands, and eyes that seem to follow you as you creep across the floor. The front door slams shut behind you. Running back, you try and open it, but it is stuck fast. You begin to panic, deciding that you have to get out of this room. There is a door to your left, a door to your right, and a stair way directly in front of you. Do you: 

1. Go up the stairs.

2. Go through the door to your left, which is painted in a peeling white with a handle shaped like a baby's head, 


3. Go through the door to your right, which is suspiciously red, with a puddle of the same red underneath it...

The End

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