Chapter 7Mature

Throughout the day, Ellie met various crew members and observed scenes being filmed.

“Now, this is sort-of the start of the beginning for Imogen and Vincent.”  Two young writers, Liz Rowe and Harley Ellis, were sat next to Ellie. They were explaining the scenes being acted out.

“He’s just met an old friend and they’re going to go out the next week.” Liz said.

“Which will be your first appearance, Ellie.” Harley added and tapped a script Ellie was holding.

She smiled absently-mindedly, as she was focusing on John. His character – Vincent Archer – was so exactly like him, that she found herself realising why John didn’t have to read his script – he didn’t need to. Ellie laughed quietly to herself as she remembered what Mary had told her earlier in the day: ‘I’ve been told John’s nothing like Vincent.’ Ellie kept watching John.

‘Could I really like him this much after such a short time? What about his wife? Can he really be that nice if he’s cheated on her? What about him and Claire?’

These questions buzzed around Ellie’s head over and over again, until another thought struck her.

‘What if Claire’s told him about Ewan?’

Panicked, Ellie was about to jump out of her seat and run, when the director – Cameron Morgan – shouted “Cut!”

“That’s it for today, everyone.” Scott said “I need you all here bright and early tomorrow, please.”

Everyone and Ellie trundled off the set and made their way outside. It was now pitch black, apart from one large floodlight. Outside, Ellie could think clearly and rationalised that Claire hadn’t told John anything.

‘But, she might. I need to keep her away from him.’

Whilst she had been lost in her thoughts, most of the cast and crew had got into their cars and driven off. The only people left were Hannah, Claire and John. Ellie’s ears honed in on John and Claire’s conversation. Part of her knew that they were just saying goodbye, but there was the doubt that it could be something else.

           She started to make her way over to them, to break the conversation up. But, Hannah stepped out in front.

“Umm, Ellie, I just wanted to make sure you were ok?”

Ellie quickly looked over Hannah’s shoulder. Claire had got into her car. She breathed a sigh of relief.


“Yes, sorry, Hannah. I’m fine thanks.”

“Have you got somewhere to stay? When I moved it was a nightmare finding somewhere. I have the address of a very good hotel?”

“I have got somewhere to stay, but thank you.”

“That’s ok. Everyone needs to look out for each other.”

“They do.”

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you.”

Hannah got into her car and drove out of the car park. Ellie sighed – she didn’t have anywhere to stay. She had no car, no money, no clothes. She hadn’t expected Mary to leave and now there was no way Ellie could get to London and back in time for the next morning. Ellie looked around, and under the beam of the flood-light, she could see a window in the canteen open.

The End

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