Chapter 4Mature

Fifteen minutes later, Ellie and John arrived at the set of ‘Out of the Fire’. Waiting for them was Scott Grey – the Series producer. He looked at them, confused.

“John, you’re late. Filming started an hour ago.”

“I know, I’m sorry. Helen was getting all angry and hormonal at me, so I had to calm her down and then I had to save our new addition.” John smiled at Ellie.

“Save?” asked Scott.

“Yeah, I got a bit lost. Luckily, John appeared.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Anyway, I should go and started filming. I’ll probably see you in a bit, Ellie.” John automatically touched Ellie’s arm as a sign of friendly affection, but when he did he felt a strange tingle in his fingers. He looked into Ellie’s eyes, and knew she’d felt it too. Ellie was about to say something, but was hurried away by Scott.

“It’s nice to see you again, El. You’ve really grown up since I last saw you. That’s gotta be, what, twenty years ago?”


“I have kept an eye on you though. You always were my favourite to write for.”

“Thanks. What has happened to the writing?”

“I still do a bit, but I prefer producing. You have more say in things. Right, I assume you do want this job. You better do, because I have no idea who I’d have otherwise.”

“I’ve thought about it, and I definitely want it.”

“Good. I’ll give you a run-down of what the plan is – Imogen and Vincent are going to meet on a night out. They’ll have a few drinks and the obvious will happen. Now, neither will know that they’ll be working together the next day, so they’ll be shocked. Imogen is married with kids, but neither the audience nor Vincent will know that for a couple of months. Her husband, Owen, isn’t the nicest of people and the audience will know that he’s having an affair with Melissa, played by Claire. Melissa and Imogen will become good mates whilst Imogen and Vincent grow apart, but things will happen that will bring them closer. Vincent will try to initiate a relationship, but Imogen will refuse because of her being married. Everyone will then find out about the marriage, and Vincent will be hurt but he’ll keep trying and after a few weeks of resilience, she’ll break and they’ll have an affair. That’s where we’re up to at the moment.”

“That sounds great. So, how long is this happening in? Six, seven months?”


“That’s a hell of a lot to fit in.”

“I know. It will mean you and John having to do extra night filming. Plus, John’s wife, Helen, is due to have a baby in six weeks, so he’ll be off for two weeks. Which means a good fourteen, fifteen hour shoots for five days a week before then.”

“I’m going to have to move from London, aren’t I?”

“Yes. I did tell Mary this yesterday. Speaking of which, where is she?”

“She resigned earlier on. But, if she’s kept this from me, then I’m glad she did.”

“Do you still want the job?”

“Of course. There’ll be some benefits.”

“I’d be careful, El.”

“Of what?”

“John. He’s only been here four months, and we’ve already had to cover things up. I bet you didn’t know he was married, did you?”

“Well, no but we haven’t known each other that long. I’m sure he would’ve told me.”

“Other people didn’t know.”

“You’re telling me he’s cheated?”

“Yes. Not with any cast members, but he was caught in a…shall we say, compromising, position with someone a few weeks ago.”

“I wasn’t going to act on anything anyway. He’s not my type.”

“Come off it, El. He is; he’s exactly like -”

“Yes, I know who he’s like. Ellie rashly snapped. “But, do you seriously think I’d go for someone the same?”

“Plenty of people do.”

“Not me. Plus, I’m fine on my own.”

“I’m sure you are. Now, we’ve sorted everything, I’ll introduce you to everybody.”

The End

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