Chapter 2Mature

“There are no roles coming up that I could go in for?”

“Sorry, Ellie. There’s none that are substantial. There are small parts but nothing that you should be doing.”

“I’ll take anything, Mary. Just something that’ll take a couple of days up.”

“Well, there’s a bit part in some new drama down in Bournemouth. But, the audition is tomorrow and that’s all I know.”

“You don’t know anything about what the programme is?”

“I think it’s just the normal period drama. Not anything that challenging.”

“I don’t care. Try and get me down for the audition.”

“Ok. I’ll have a chat with a few people and see if I can get you in.”

“Thank you, Mary.”

“I’ll talk to you later.”

The line went dead and Ellie put the phone down. She sighed and walked over to the large window in her sixth-floor apartment. She looked down to the bustling street below, and found herself comparing the traffic to her own life. Ellie O’Keeffe had once been a popular teen actress on the biggest programme at the time, and although the success of that had carried on her career for many more years after, work was scarcely around anymore. The other downside to having had a busy working life was that Ellie had had no time to meet anyone she could spend the rest of her life with. Now, aged 30-something, Ellie was alone and in desperate need of a new role.

As much as Mary, Ellie’s agent, would find work, it would be turned down mostly by Mary who would argue that Ellie was ‘too highly thought of in the industry’ to take small parts in any programme. But, Ellie didn’t mind having any role and had told Mary this on several occasions, though she never listened.

‘I would sack her’ thought Ellie. ‘But, she’s been with me since I was young’.

Abruptly, the phone rang and Ellie rushed over to answer it.

“Hi, it’s Mary. Right, I’ve made a phone call about the job in Bournemouth, and I’ve turned it down.”

“I’ve told you –”

“I know, I know. But, I’ve had word of a bigger role.”


“You know ‘Out of the Fire’?”

“Of course I do. ‘The most sizzling restaurant drama ever’, it tends to boast about, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah. But, there’s a new character being created – a waitress, and I’ve been told they specifically want you.”


“Just think, El. Another prime-time show where you’ll be a permanent cast member.”

“Why do they want me?”

“Well, the new producer there is Scott Grey, and apparently they’ve already cast another role for Claire Hawson. Obviously, with you having worked with both of them when you were younger, you must have been the first person they thought of.”

“When’s the audition?”

“There is none. It’s yours if you want it. All you need to do is go to Bath tomorrow, and meet the team to sort everything out.”

“Do you know anything else about it?”

“I know the character’s called Imogen Barke, and she’s a waitress, as I’ve already said. I think the plan is for there to be a relationship for her. But, don’t quote me on that.”

“Who’s the relationship supposed to be with?”

“Vincent Archer. He started on-screen a couple of weeks ago.”

“Oh, I know who you mean. Every woman has started drooling over him. I don’t see it myself.”

“You’ve not worked with the actor before, then?”


“Oh well. So, what do you reckon?”

“I don’t know. How long will it be for?”

“I think it’ll end up being more than a year.”

“Will it just be a couple storyline? Because, I don’t really want that. Everyone’ll just compare it to when I was in ‘Home Soon’.”

“They won’t. It’s not going to be a frowned upon relationship.”

“Fine. I’ll go to Bath.”

“Oh, good. You need to be there by 11. I’ll meet you there.”

“See you tomorrow.”

The End

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