Everything changes when Klara awakens. She doesn't know it yet, but her existence will change the very fabric of the society from which she is hidden.
The story takes place in Germany ,1879, in a parallel world where the past as we know it does not exist and science rules over any kind of affiliation. Everything is " perfect." No one gets sick, and everyone is considered happy. The only problem being that no one knows the truth behind their lives.

November 12, 1867

It was a single breath. One slight movement of the chest, barely discernible within the pitch black laboratory, that stood out among the rows of frozen, silent, pale faces behind bullet-proof glass. At any other given time it would have been dismissed as the wheezing of one of the numerous machines monitoring and performing tests within the room. Not today. Everything was quiet aside from the drumming heartbeat of the off-duty laboratory assistant.

            Doctor Axel Lenz couldn’t believe what he had heard. It had startled him from his unplanned nap and had reminded him that he was, in fact, at work. He debated continuing to write his lab report, considering it was due the following week, but he had a gut feeling that he should check things out. It was an inkling that couldn’t just be shaken or wished away. Besides, he wasn’t really doing anything important with his time, unless you counted watching over a room full dead end experiments as important. With that in mind, he crept out from behind his small desk located in the corner of the room among shelves upon shelves stocked with chemicals and other things, and slowly made his way over to the source of movement. Adrenaline was beginning to zing through his body, and the hair at the nape his neck was standing up stiff. Anticipation filled his very core as he moved slowly and deliberately towards the opposite side of the room. All of the assistants spent their days waiting for a moment like this: waiting for a discovery that could set them apart from all the rest.

When he’d first applied for the job, he’d imagined himself excelling beyond his peers and being a favorite among the esteemed researchers there. After all, he had been the top of his class at University, and he seemed the most promising to his professors. However, it wasn’t exactly as he had pictured it. He was still considered one of the doe-eyed, inexperienced newbies who couldn’t manage to extract the DNA from an orange. He wanted the opportunity to prove himself and show how useful he could be, but it didn’t help that everything there was top secret. Maybe he could prove it now.  “This could be it. This could be the moment,” he said as he realized the stabilizer for tube 3185 had shut down, and for a moment he was disappointed that there was a simple and uneventful explanation. Then he stopped. It was like the ground was coming up and swallowing his very being with one fatal gulp. He couldn’t believe what his eyes were showing him. The specimen in the tube was awake. It was alive.

The End

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