Beginning of the end

Beginning of the end

My mom read me a story once about something that happen on planet Earth it was called the Holocaust. I barely remember what it was about but I did remember some things.

It was about a group of people that were blamed for something so they were killed off. I believed they were called Jews and the people that killed them were called Nazis.

All I remember from the story was that barely anyone survive but of course I thought nothing of it. I mean I never thought something like that could happen. It could be real but it was also on Earth so I didn't believe it. Until now.

Now I'm in line with my mom and my sister, Sylvie, and my dad was no longer with us. We was separate in two groups women and children in one and men in the other. We all knew we were all going into our deaths.

Aliens in charged said that they were going to transport us into the other room. I saw humans going in and watched them enter the room next door. Only half came out of the transporter and all the people who did were crying.

I felt a tear come down my face as I enter the transporter with my mom and sister. There were chairs that we had to sit in. My mom sat in between Sylvie and me. I held her hand and closed my eyes.

I heard screams and people crying, I myself was screaming. It stop and I open my eyes. My mom was still with me but Sylvie was gone. Tears fell from my eyes while my mom held me damping my brown hair with her own tears.

We headed to our next transport where we met up with my dad. I was so glad to see him I was filled with hope! Until I saw Austin.

Austin has be my best friend ever since sixth grade, we went to church with each other and when we had a bad day we went to each other.

He was in the transporter and our eyes met. I saw the tears coming his face knowing that my eyes were doing the same. I watch the room where he will appear with everyone else. He never did. 

My mom and dad pulled me with them into our chairs and once again I shut my eyes and screamed and cried with everyone else. At the end I opened my eyes. I was alone.

My mom and dad were gone just like Sylvie. I was moved into another room were I saw everyone alone and crying but I saw someone I knew.

"Peter!" I cried with joy. He looked up with his bright blue eyes filled with water. He stood up, I forgot how tall he was, and ran to me.

"Oh Vivian." He said as he held me while I was crying into his chest. "I'm glad you are still alive." I felt something wet drop for his face. "Casey is alive too."

I looked at him. "Casey? Where?" I said barely above a whisper.

"Casey!" Peter called from behind him. Tall skinny Casey blond hair and brown eyes race toward Peter and me.

"Vivian!" Was all he said as his arms engulf me. I swear I never seen these boys cry until today. We were crying in a circle when Peter broke it.

"We have to get out of here." Casey and I looked at him. "How?" Casey asked.

"I don't know how but we just do."

I started to actually looked around to see if I knew anyone else. I didn't. But when I enter the next room I recognize him. He was sitting on the floor holding himself in a ball. I sat down next to him.

"Andy?" I said as I put my hand on his shoulder. He slightly lifted his head. I only have seen Andy cry once but this was way worst.

"Vivian." I tried to smile but it failed. "I only have my brother."

"Josh? Where is he?" Andy pointed to his brother who was coming to us. Andy and Josh looked nothing alike. Andy had blond hair and brown eyes while Josh had brown hair and blue eyes. The only thing they had in common was their nose.

"Hi Josh." I said. Josh knew my sister better than he knew me. They had a class together. "My sister is gone." I said to Andy. "My mom and dad too. Look come join Peter, Casey, and me. We have somewhat of a plan."

It took a while for them to follow me but they did. I ran into a couple of other people I know. Mary was one.

Mary eyes were super red and I wouldn't doubt if our eyes weren't the same. Mary ran to Andy while he embraced her. You didn't need to tell us much because we already know that you have lost everyone else.

Mary decided that she was joining our little group. Thats when Avery showed up. Now I knew I have never in my life seen this boy cry but now I did all I could do us hug him.

"Avery," I said. "Come join us OK?" I lead the five of us to Peter and Casey who were not standing alone.

With Casey and Peter were with three girls Madi, Megan, and Gabby. There were ten of us. Finally Peter spoke to all of us.

"We have to escape." Peter whisper where only us could hear him.

"How?" Andy asked. "There's Aliens guarding everywhere."

"We thought of this Andy." Casey said. "We have a plan and it will take all ten of us to do it."

"Casey. Peter." I said. "Have you thought this through? We could all easily die." Casey turned yo me.

"Yea. We could also easily die here. So what's the risk?"

We all agreed on that and listen to Peter's and Casey's escape plan.

The End

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