The Hidden

Aliens and Humans used to get along on planet Okadok until the Human President was kill. Now Humans are getting killed left and right. And some of them go into hiding. The only place for freedom is Earth. But can anyone make it?


Prologue: Along ago

Centuries ago Aliens and Humans came to planet Okadok and lived peacefully ever since then. In planet Okadok the grass was blue, the sky was green, our sun was pink, and our moon was red. Our trees were blue with orange trunks and during the fall the leaves turn violet. Our streets were yellow, our house were gold. Earth to us was a joke.

My mom read me stories about planet Earth, but I knew that none of us have been there. Earth has always been a myth to us. I never believed anything that came from those stories.

The peace here didn't last long; the Human President was murder by the Alien President, and that’s when all this chaos started.

Aliens have killed many of us humans, but there were some Aliens that were against it and help hide humans.

Those were called The Hidden. I am among a group of The Hidden. But there's something different about my group, we are all teenagers.

Our only hope is to reach the one place that we thought was unreal a place where the grass is green and the sky is blue. That place was Earth.

We all remember the day well when we met. It wasn't long after our president was killed; it was one of the first days that the human race was starting to end and the saddest day of our lives. This is that story. Where it's the beginning of the end in the human race. 

This is my story.....


The End

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