A New Day Begins

  Konide walks to his wife, Mikomi, placing his hand gently on her shoulder, looking into her eyes with a smile on his face, speaking these words in a calm tone. "Mikomi, the time we've spent together as husband and wife have been the best years, along with having two, and soon three beautiful children" He said, kneeling down near his eldest son, Vakario, placing a hand on his head, ruffling his hair with the smile still present. "Vakario, I want you to grow strong as a man who will use fire one day, and use that fire to toughen your brothers up as well, deal?" He said, looking at his son with confidence, as Vakario responded with a positive tone. "Leave it to me dad!" 

  Konide stands back on his feet with a confident grin, turning back towards the creature who is causing the chaos, narrowing his eyes as his hair begins to sway a bit, clenching his fists with intense force, elemental symbols slowly revolving around him in an atom-like motion, the symbols revolving in a diagonal path, each path motioning as an "X" around him, his hair eventually spiking up wildly, turning into a color scheme of the rainbow, sporting the colors of the thirteen elements as his eyes are now teal in color, looking back at his family with a small grin. "I have to do this, to protect all of you, as well as this world, and soon, one of my own sons will become the hero to save this world" He thought. Turning towards the cause of the destruction, Konide flies off with his head held high, with the fate of his family and friends resting on his shoulders, letting out a battle cry as a bright flash of light occurs, the dream ending off with Konide's words echoing throughout his mind, as Jarakio wakes up with wide eyes, holding his head with a worried look.

The End

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