The Dream

  Jarakio Mosake, a teen at the age of fifteen with an upwards spiky hairstyle, lies in his bed wearing a plain white t-shirt and gray gym shorts, remaining sound asleep, tossing and turning a bit every now and again, showing signs of a dream occurring. The dream takes place in a town showing resemblance to a small town without any large buildings, mostly grassy fields, showing most of the homes in cinders as the townspeople show panic and confusion throughout the current events, as a massive shadow overtakes the town itself, large pillars of earth, shards of ice, and bolts of lightning crashing down from the sky all around the city, as for a family at the very edge of the city stand and watch the occurring events.

  A man with shoulder length spiky crimson hair, donned with a black cloak, designed with several symbols defining elemental prowess, stands alongside a woman with long flowing red hair, as she wears a garb showing symbols as though the garb itself was sewn for defensive purposes, holding a small child in her arms as a young child at the age of four and a half years old with short crimson hair stands at her side, looking out in the distance at all the chaos.

  The child in the woman's arms is sound fast asleep, although tears show from the woman's eyes as she looks at her husband with deep concern. "Will you be back, Konide?" She said.

 Konide responded with determination in his eyes, staring out in the distance at the monster causing all the destruction. "I'm not sure... All I know is that this thing has to be stopped, for the sake of not just us, but for those around the world who I've made a strong connection with, a real bond." 

The End

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