Chapter One: The Journey Begins

Jarakio Mōsake, a fifteen year old teen who lives out his days to look for a better future after a tragic past. The loss of his father, Konīde Mōsake, his eldest brother, and two childhood friends who brought Jarakio to forge a bond between them...Leads to a somewhat sad time for Jarakio after these events, until he realizes that his life must go on.

  The sun shines over a proud city, filled with illustrious people, strolling throughout the city living their carefree lives, as in a house at the near end of Master's City, the Mosake family resides. A woman standing at five foot six, bright red hair that hangs from her head to her back,  stands in the kitchen of the home cooking the essential breakfast for her two sons, and the hybrid pet of the household, which is, in turn, a mix of a hedgehog and a prairie dog, the mother's youngest son, who appears with average red spiky hair and blue eyes, his height being that of four foot five, petting the very prairie hog hybrid with the tips of his fingers, the mother looking over at her son in the living room with a small smile on her face, speaking in a gentle tone, "Akahoshi, do you mind checking on your brother, He's oversleeping again." Akahoshi looks over at his mother, Mikomi, with somewhat innocent eyes, nodding once with a positive look on his face, replies to her, "Sure Mom! I'm positive he's just having another one of those dreams." Akahoshi rises up off the floor, placing Spike on his shoulder, Spike alone being two feet and eleven centimeters tall, able to sit on a person's shoulder without a struggle. Akahoshi heads upstairs to his brother, Jarakio, to his room, thoughts trailing through his minds as Akahoshi heads to his room, "I wonder...If Jarakio's having another one of those dreams again..." Akahoshi approaches Jarakio's door, knocking on it once with the back of his knuckles, "Jarakio, you alright in there?"

The End

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