A New Foe

My head was still spinning when my eyes finally gave way to the
light of the afternoon sun. I remembered quickly what had just happened, though
I couldn’t possibly believe it. The man who might be the most hated individual in
history, Adolf Hitler, had appeared in my house, and not only took my father
but smacked me with great force, which knocked me out when coupled with the
grenade explosion.

Stumbling to my feet, I surveyed the scene before me; the
room I had been in prior to the detonation, what had used to be a kitchen, was
completely ruined. The walls were blackened, the table and the chairs were in
pieces, and in their place was a medium-sized crater. There was slight evidence
of a struggle as it seemed my dad was dragged out of a hole in the wall. It
seemed as though it had been burnt open.

Sirens were slightly audible. Someone had obviously had to
have heard the commotion and called the authorities. I realized as I tried to
walk out the back door that I had a slight limp, though I was unsure as to what
was causing it. I swung the door open and moved as fast as I could into the
woods that populated my house’s backyard. I wasn’t prepared to have to tell the
police what had happened. There was no doubt in my mind that they would laugh
at my accusation of Hitler committing the crime.

There was also a small feeling that was brewing inside of
me, a feeling of revenge. This man, whose name could be compared to a curse
word, had taken my father away from me. I had no idea what Adolf could be doing
to him at this very moment, but I could guess that it wasn’t anything civil. I
clenched my fist, and I was surprised when a tree was flown away from me at top
speeds. I looked down at my hand in amazement.

My dad had always told me since when I first learned of my
powers that it was a great responsibility to possess such abilities. To what
extent these controls could go to I had not yet figured out. However, seeing a
tree forced away from me by just simply forming my hand into a fist was
astonishing! I guess I little cocky, because I held up my hand and tried to
move another tree, only to narrowly avoid it collapsing on me.

The sirens I had heard earlier were much closer than before.
Picking up my pace, I persevered into the woods. I knew that as soon as I was
safe from getting interrogated, I would head back to my house and search for
any clues as to where I could start the search for my father.

I turned to my left and saw the opening of a cave. At first
I thought about hiding away inside of it, but it soon became apparent that I
wouldn’t be allowed to.

A sudden gust of wind blew out of the cave entrance, and I
was sent flying off of my feet and into a large bush. I struggled to stand up.
Facing the cave, I noticed some movement from the interior of it. Something was
inside of there…

I was afraid at first, but when a boy about the same height
as me came out with far less the build I had, my fears were put at ease. I
doubted that this little boy could be a threat to me; his small, roundish face
with a few freckles, pale white skin, and black hair gave off the appearance of
maybe a fourth grader. His clothes were surprisingly clean, the symbol of a dog
from a cartoon show clearly visible on it.

“What are you doing out here” he asked me, though it sounded
much more like a threat.

I took a step forward. “I could ask you the same thing.
Someone like you living out in the woods in a cave? Certainly unusual”.

He shrugged in response. “Real-estate was bad?”

I wasn’t in a laughing mood. “I’m going to get going now.
You have fun in your cave”.

Another gust of wind came at me, but at a much lesser
degree. It never occurred to me where these strange blows were coming from.

“If you paid more attention, the area you’re in is private
property” the boy said darkly.

“Nice try” I replied. “I saw no fences, no signs, and no
other type of marker”.

“Just get moving, will you!” he commanded me. This was an
unusual request, as I was the one who had wanted to leave earlier. Ignoring his presence,
I continued on my way, pausing briefly to see what he was doing. His icy blue
eyes were staring right at me, as though sizing me up.

Suddenly, he turned away and started crying. Under these
circumstances, I didn’t feel like seeing what was wrong with him. However, a
nagging part of me forced me to go back and check on him.

“Are you… okay?” I asked him, a typical understatement

“I’m alone, in the woods, confused, depressed… where the
heck am I supposed to go? What the heck do I have to do!?”

“Where, what… do what?” I questioned, a little confused myself.

He rubbed his eyes, took a few deep breaths, and briefed me
in on his situation.

“You probably have never heard of this… Project
I.N.H.U.M.A.N. ”

A flashback appeared in my head…

My father had come home one day with a newspaper in his
hands. He tossed it aside fiercely and sat down, putting his head in his hands.
Upon asking why he was acting in such a manner, he only said in response that
it was all terrible and unconstitutional. When I later picked up the paper to
investigate what had set my dad off like that, I noticed something about
Project I.N.H.U.M.A.N., but my father found me reading the article soon after I
saw that.

“It… it stands for… Integrated Nuclear Humane Usage Human
Attributes Noticing. It was meant to… make hybrids”.

“My mother and my father were dead… and I never knew why.
These men in white coats came to me saying they’d take me to an orphanage… what
am I saying? I shouldn’t be talking to strangers”.

The boy quickly ran away in to the cave. I called after him,
but I got nothing in response. Shrugging the encounter off, I prepared to move
on and hide away somewhere, but then I heard a gun click behind me. I spun
around and saw a group of police officers standing behind me.

“Don’t move! Down on your knees! Hands in the air!” one of
them commanded me. I stepped back a few paces out of surprise, which only
served to anger the officials. “Stop moving and get on the ground!”

Instantly after the shout, I heard the howling of wind. It
was the curious wind again, and at the best of times! The police tried to hold
their ground, but the strong power of the wind sent them tumbling away. Acting
on my instincts to stay away from the authorities until I rescued my father
from wherever he was, I used my own abilities to pull a nearby tree down to
block the path the officers had taken. Hopefully that would stall them

I looked behind me to see the boy standing there. His skin
was a degree whiter.

“I just… oh god…”

I walked over to him, reality now setting in. “Your just
like me… you have something you control”.

He was stunned by how I figured this out as though he
thought he could keep it a secret. “I… uh… that wasn’t me, I swear!”

“You can move wind. I can just move objects in general”.

The boy fell back and laid in the grass. “I never told
anyone that… never… nobody should know”.

“Who do you think I’m going to tell?” I asked half-jokingly.

He shrugged slightly. “I don’t want those men to drag me
back and test me again… they said I had something, and it’s because of them I
figured out what I did have”.

“Whatever did happen to that project?” I inquired, though I
knew I shouldn’t pry.

However, the boy decided to answer my question. “They were…
attacked by something… he took people”.

I connected my father being taken away to the incident which
had been I.N.H.U.M.A.N. There was a possibility that the two scenarios were

“That’s why you’re at here. You’re hiding”.

He nodded. “I only eat whatever I can catch… which is never

I opened my mouth to speak, but a sudden shout interrupted
me. I looked up and saw a man dressed completely in black clothing standing on
top of the mouth of the cave. His face was covered up entirely by a gas mask
which was colored black as well. The place where the individual would look
through on the mask was only one-way; I couldn’t see inside of it. Not only
that, but they were colored maroon. The sudden appearance of this figure had
certainly surprised me, and I quickly back away into the cave.

The figure jumped down to my level and approached me. The
boy was hidden somewhere behind me, and I was somewhat angry that he wasn’t
helping me out with this man.

“Looks like I’ve got another one” the man said. His voice
was made deep and raspy by the mask. “I’ve been looking all over for you
people, and it just so happens that I located you. Convenient I must say”.

The police officers I had seen before had just rounded the
toppled tree. Their guns were raised and I knew they were just about to repeat
what they said earlier, but before they could the man dressed in black snapped
around to face them. In an instant, a large bolt of electricity shot out of his
hand! I fell back on the ground from the shockwave his blow had caused.

“Pesky, meddling idiots. Always in the way” he man said,
presumably talking about the cops he had just disintegrated.

His attention came back onto us. “Back to business… I will
call you to come with me quietly, without any struggling. Refuse, and I’ll kill
you as easy as snapping a finger. Now… come with me… Damien and Connor”.

The boy, who I now assumed was Carter, began breathing
heavily. I looked behind me and saw him huddled inside a small nook in the cave
wall. The man somehow knew that he was in there when I had no idea.

“I asked nicely… do I have to ask again?”

My instincts had seemed to have been working well for me up
to this point, so I trusted them again and picked up a tree that was close by.
I flung it at the man, but he dodged it and returned fire at me, something
which I had neglected to expect. Seeing that he was obviously more of a
professional with his powers, I tried to think of some clever trick that could
distract him.

“You’re outnumbered!” I shouted out at him, taking a classic
military trick from the playbook.

“I find it amusing that you think I’m that stupid” the man
retorted. Another bolt of electricity shot past me, colliding with the wall
with a large ‘boom’-ing sound. It had nearly hit me. Connor was no longer
hiding in his nook and come out. He shoved his arms forward, a gust of wind
coming with the motion. The man was thrown off-balance by the attack, but
remained standing.

“You’re not nearly as formidable as I had anticipated” the
man said. A blue bolt of electricity formed in his hands. He launched in
forward, and it homed in on me! I attempted to evade it, but I was struck by
it. My body began flailing wildly as I could only think of how I was getting
knocked out and beat up yet again. With my last bit of energy, which was fueled
by my anger of the events that had passed in the past few hours, I picked up a
tree from behind the man and brought it towards him. The attack was successful,
and he was knocked into the ground. The last thing I saw before I closed my
eyes was the man regaining his footing. I could only hope Connor had something

I collapsed on the ground, the feeling in my body gone. Why was all of this happening to me? What is Hiter doing? Who is this man?

My frustation served no good except to bring a loud 'crack'-ing sound to my ears. Whatever it was, I didn't know. At this point, I felt like sitting away somewhere... and never having to wake up... and if I did, my father would be waiting for me.

The End

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