The Hero Theory

When there is evil good will always rise up against it. It's a saying Damien's father always said. Something Damien fondly calls the Hero Theory. And it's what keeps Damien from losing faith when the Nazis suddenly come back with some kind of super powered beings. Damien has never gone against a lot of people. Let alone with his powers. It's about time.

World War II:

            Bullets sprayed from the windows of the huge mansion on the right as soldiers backed toward the right.  They continued even after the bullets had finally stopped coming, the bullets hadn’t been the reason they had backed down and now they were running for cover.  A man stepped out of the mansion in a white suit, calm and collected, and walked down the path the troops had created through the grass as they had retreated.  His smile was glued to his scarred face as he strolled down the path made by boots.  He raised his hand and from it came a ball off blue flames and most of the soldiers weren’t able to escape it, their flesh burning, their screams echoing from the pain that came right before death engulfed them.

            The air smelled of burnt skin and now echoed with the sound of terrified or pain filled screams along with one lonely sound that did not seem to belong with the other sounds.  It was laughter coming from the man in the white suit.  On his left shoulder was a red patch with the Nazis insignia on it.  As the air cleared of the soldiers ashes three people stood, wearing black t-shirts and army fatigue pants.  Dangling from their necks were silver dog-tags. 

            With the appearance of the soldiers the man’s laughter slowly died down and his glee quickly turned to a small spark of fear.  He waved his hand, shooting off a string of blue flame toward them, which smacked straight into a wall of thick ice.  His eyes raised slightly as he saw that a short, skinny man with skin tinted blue had his hand on the ground and had obviously created the ice wall.  Surprise took a position on his face replacing the mocking smile that had earlier been glued on his scarred face as he realized that the Allied Powers now had a powerful weapon just as the Axis did, they had created living weapons!  But how, the knowledge of how to create destructive humans such as him-self were strictly in the hands of the Axis Power Japan and only the Japanese knew how to control them.

            Slowly the ice wall melted and the two who flanked the ice maker took off toward their target.  Though he felt like turning to run he decided it best to stand his ground for now and at least test the soldier’s strength.  He took a deep breath and blew out a thick string of liquid which was quickly followed by a small spark which ignited the liquid, gasoline.  The female on the left with long auburn hair seemed to pull apart, becoming separate girls altogether and easily maneuvered around the flames.  The silver headed man’s skin began to change, intricate designs showed on his skin, scales. 

            The scales protected his skin from the heat of the flames.  Soon they were upon the man.


            “He was the only one there General,” the women said to him. “The Axis powers expected your small attack and didn’t expect there lonely little warrior to have any trouble wiping out your U.S. soldiers.  Now they know about us! We’ve lost the element of surprise and I’m certain that next time they will be ready for us.”

            “You worry too much Artemis,” the white headed one said to her.  “We are ready for whatever they throw at us, we aren’t the only secret weapons the United States has, and we still have a small element of surprise simply because they don’t know how many of us there are.  They’ll only be expecting the three of us.”

            “Well we shouldn’t take the Axis Powers too lightly Eric,” the blue skinned boy told him.  “They may be expecting many of us and are prepared for a larger number of soldiers then we can supply. We’re in trouble no matter how light you make our situation seem.”

            “Josh, Artemis, Eric, please do not start to battle with each other. Save it for the war against the Axis powers.”

            Josh glanced at the General.  “What do the Allied Powers plan on doing next,” he asked him.  “Now that the United States of America has joined the Alliance and has created us.” 

            “Sit back and watch,” was the General’s reply.


Present Day:

           I yawned loudly and looked up at the Social Studies teacher, whom tapped his foot and glared at me with his black eyes.  “Enjoy your nap Mr. Line,” he asked me.  “Please tell the class what caused the United States to join the war against Germany.”

            “Simple.  Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and killed many Americans so we declared war with Japan.  And their allies declared war with us so we joined the Allied Powers.”  I said sleepily.  I didn’t need to be told that I was correct and he made it completely obvious he wouldn’t be giving me the satisfaction of being told by turning his back and finishing what he had started writing on the board. 

            Many guys in the class shot me smirks of congrats, not many students fell asleep in this class, not without being totally embarrassed in front of everyone, especially in front of all the girls in class.  I’d never been caught sleeping in class before now and they looked up to me for it, now they looked up to me for being smarter than Mr. Kemp, at least for the moment.  A few girls smiled at me.  Guess they were attracted to smart guys who didn’t follow the rules like nerds normally did.  This all happened behind Mr. Kemp’s back of course because if he saw he’d try to make an example of me again and no one in the class was sure if I could survive another attempt on my popularity in class.

            Even though this class was one of the simplest ones I’ve ever been in.  It was plain to see Social Studies was definitely an easy subject for me and I doubted that Mr. Kemp could ever catch me unprepared for a question.  It was rare that any of my teachers caught me unprepared no matter if I was sleeping or not.  School wasn’t a necessity to me, and I can tell you that it was also rare that I paid any attention in class, but it was impossible for me not to absorb whatever lessons went on in class.  That’s the way my brain worked and it was something that I couldn’t explain and didn’t care to explain.

            When the bell rang I scooped my books into my arms and bolted out of the classroom and to my locker. 

            “That was pretty cool Damien,” someone said and I closed my locker to see Becca Smokes.  Becca was the cutest girl in my class, and in my grade, at least to me.  “I honestly didn’t think someone who slept in class everyday would be able to come up with the answer to something we just learned so fast.”

            I smiled at her.  “Maybe people actually learn more when they’re sleep,” I said to her with a smirk. She smiled back at me and my heart skipped a beat. 

            “Mind teaching me how to do that,” she asked me.  Her eyebrow raised, a smile still flirting with the corners of her mouth. 

            “I don’t know it’s a pretty sophisticated technique,” I told her.  “Only the laziest smart people can understand it, others can quite grasp the concept.  But I guess if you meet me at the mall around 5:00 on Saturday we can get started.”  She laughed and her smile was ear-to-ear.  

            “You know I never noticed that you had different colored eyes,” she spoke as if dazed as she looked at my eyes.  My eyes that changed colors as often as the changing of the seasons, I hadn’t wasted my time trying to figure out what colors they had recently changed into.  “It’s cute.  I guess I’ll see you on Saturday.”  With that she ran over to her little circle of friends and they walked to class together, which reminded me, if I was late to sixth bell again it was detention.

            So I took off down the hall toward the stairwell which led to my sixth bell geometry.  Someone grabbed my arm and I was slammed against the wall and was pinned by a pair of very large hands.  I swear they were the size of one side of my face.  My eyes were squeezed shut and I opened my left eye to see Big Bill, he was on the football team, what position he played I didn’t know and actually didn’t really care.  Right now what I cared about was getting to class on time today.

            Someone behind Big Bill spoke.  “So you’re the nerd my little sister has been talking about for the last couple of days,” the voice said each word in an amused tone.  “What does she see in you, I can’t seem to figure it out.  Calm down Big Bill, I don’t want him hurt, my sister will raise hell if she finds out I did anything to him.”  Big Bill loosened his grip on me, but only a little.

            He was so pushing his luck.  “Do you mind?” I asked and got a grip on each of his wrist and pushed a little.  At first he didn’t budge but the he began to be pushed back and if it wasn’t for the grip he had on my shirt I could have pushed him away from me.  His ugly expression changed into yet another ugly expression that showed his surprise. 

            “Calm down kid,” the other one said, oblivious to the strength I had just shown.  “I just wanted to check you out.  Now all I’ve got to say is stay away from my sister kid.  She’s got enough duds trying to get with her.”  Big Bill let me go and the two walked away.  That’s why I hated the football team.


            When I got home my dad was working at his computer like always.  “Hey son,” he said with a smile.  “How was your day boy?”

            “Fine until some bullies tried to push me around,” I said to him.  He turned from his computer as I went into the fridge and grabbed a soda.  As I downed it he spoke.

            “You didn’t…” he began.  I almost choked on my soda and coughed.  I never expected him to accuse me of such a thing, even though that’s technically what I did, but he never accused me of it.  It shocked me.

            “Actually, I did use some of my powers,” I said.  “But not much of it, and they didn’t even notice that I had used any of it.  They completely ignored it, really.  And you should of saw how big one of the guys was, had I not used my powers I’d have to rent a fork lift just to raise him!” He sighed and gave me a disappointed look.

            So I sat down and prepared for a lecture.  “Son you know that when there is evil good will always rise against it.  But using your powers against those boys was unacceptable, no matter how big they were.”  Damien sighed when his dad said the first part.  Why did he always have to recite the Hero Theory to him like he hadn’t been hearing the same thing since he was in first grade?

            “I remember using my own powers back in the day,” he said smiling.  “That was back in World War II.  When I could still age.”  His expression became one of sadness and I felt sorry for him.  My dad looked to be about 29 but in truth he was much older, but his body had stopped aging a long time before I was born.

            Something was thrown through our window.  Dad looked at it and his eyes grew wide.  “DAMIEN GET DOWN,” he shouted but I didn’t have time to follow the command.  The pressure from the explosion threw me around like a rag doll.  When I got up my ears were ringing and the world seemed to spin.

            I fell to one knee.  Then as my sight began to stabilize I began looking around for my father who had most likely survived the explosion as well.  He shouted and I looked toward the sound to see a man standing over him, holding a gun to his head, I’d seen pictures of this man but couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was impossible!  Yet there he stood.

            “Leave the boy, we got what we came for,” he said in a heavy accent.  I fell to the ground.  “Say goodbye to your son Mr. Line, you won’t be seeing him again.”  Said the man who was probably the most hated person in all of history, it was Hitler.

The End

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