The Naw

The energy within Yan began to stir and his muscles began to tighten as they were given commands by the brain to move. Druff turned to face the several Mamto teachers present.
“Bind him quickly! He’s about to wake up and we need to ask him some questions” he ordered.

The Mamto’s eyes each glowed a different colour and they made a different elemental spell conjure up simultaneously which made rings of earth, fire, ice, water, light, darkness, wind and lightning appear on the floor around Yan.
They then mixed and coiled around themselves to form a conjoined ring which stuck Yan’s arms together. Almost as soon as his arms were bound behind him, Yan’s eyes opened and he shot up but was forced back down by a shock induced by the bind.

He writhed on the floor trying to free himself in vain, eventually stopping and sat up. He looked around and realised he was trapped and there was no way out, and so he began chanting some words which made all the Ranter’s in the area react with the same technique.
When they touched his body with their hands, a mist come out of Yan’s mouth preventing him from chanting more. The mist then expanded around everyone and enveloped the air, it became very dense and it was hard to see the outside but the inside of the mist was very visible to those inside it.

“He was trying to destroy the body sir” explained a Ranter to Druff who demanded an explanation.
“The mist prevents all magic to those who did not summon it so he cannot do anything dangerous now” said another Ranter.

Druff nodded in approval and turned to face Yan who was blank faced still and wasn't moving around. Yan stared back at Druff and saw his Kertica eyes and realised that he needed to be careful with how he presented himself, one wrong move and Druff would know about it at once.

Druff sneered at Yan who gave no signs of response, “Tell me who you are” Druff asked Yan.
Yan gave a slight shift and looked slightly amused at that question. “So you can tell I’m somebody else just by a glance?” he said in the demonic voice he used before. “It took that child a little while longer to suspect anything, but what should I expect from the legendary Druff the Seer, Head Hero of the Academy.”
Druff’s expression did not change; he simply looked more serious in his stance. “So you know my name? Well that tells me some things already, so what do you call yourself, Naw?"
Yan smiled when Druff called him that. “Don’t think you can figure me out that simply, I am no mere Naw or Mamto, I am something beyond that.”
Druff was surprised but continued asking him. “I did not ask you what kind of hero you are, I asked you for your name.”
“All in due time Head Hero, all in due time” Yan replied.
“Alright let’s try something else, have long have you been like this? Did you do something to my student?” Druff changed the subject.
“Oh that lowly maggot is in here somewhere, I’ll be surprised if his mind isn’t destroyed by now” Yan said cruelly.
Druff looked a little annoyed by what Yan said but continued. “So why did you take him over?”
“To kill the Hero of Prophecy of course” Yan said simply.
Druff was shocked by what Yan said. “How do you know about him?”
“I noticed as soon as you and your friend Xectix decided to take him for a joyride, I found the easiest mind to take to try and kill him” Yan mocked Druff.

Druff looked even more annoyed by Yan now, his teeth clenched together as he spoke with a still firm voice.
“That was a test on two levels, we wanted to be sure about him and we wanted to see if anyone within the Academy or around would sense him. Since you were able to sense him within that time, then you must be very skilled, you acted much faster than I had anticipated.”
Yan was surprised by this as well as several other teachers around; Yan noticed this and acted. “It seems that you haven’t told everyone the truth about Kalt being the Child of Prophecy.”
Druff closed his eyes. “We had to be sure before we spread the word.”
Yan laughed. “Well this can serve as a reminder for you then, I can react much quicker than simply ‘spreading the word’ and you’ll need to remember that I’m a lot more dangerous than you expect me to be Druff.”
Druff began saying, “You know that now we know about you-”
“I won’t be able to enter the academy again, it matters not, I have his face memorised and once he graduates and leaves he’ll be out in the open ready for me” Yan finished the sentence for Druff.

Druff started thinking hard about this turn of events when Yan continued.
“Do make sure he’s more of a challenge next time Druff, he was a bit of a bore to me even with my power severely limited by the possession.”
“Why do you want to kill him?” Druff demanded.
“All in due time” Yan smiled.
“Who are you?” Druff shouted this time.
“All in due time” Yan repeated. “Let’s see if you can stop the coming chaos Druff! The world is going to change and I will be the one who ignites the spark, and do not think Kalt has any chance of stopping me! When I meet him again, I’ll finish off what I started in Yuit!”

Everyone but Druff gasped, Yan started laughing maniacally when Druff grabbed him and shook him back and forth.
“Who are you!?” he shouted.

The bind around Yan broke and the mist was blown away, the teachers were blasted off of their feet but Druff stood his ground holding onto Yan. Yan smiled and burst into black flames, burning Druff’s hands making him let go.
Yan fell to the ground and melted down into nothing in the flames; he looked up at Druff one last time and said with a smile of his charred face, “All in due time Druff.”

Yan laughed as his body was incinerated down to ashes and the laughter of the demonic voice died away. Druff covered his face as the flames gave one last mighty roar that spread out to completely destroy Yan’s body into nothing.


Druff and the teachers were left there dazed and confused with an ominous feeling leering over them as Druff looked at the pile of ashes that was once his student’s body being blown away by the wind.

The End

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