The Shattering

Kalt opened his eyes to see the bubble had been shattered and Yan was lying unconscious next to him, he looked around barely to see what had happened and was completely shocked to see the last person he expected to see.

Druff was standing where Yan just was with a certain aura emanating from him of complete control and power.
Druff did something that shattered the bubble and knocked out Yan before Kalt or Yan had realised anything had happened, and in that moment just there for a split second, Kalt realised why Druff was the Head Hero.

Kalt saw Druff was holding a chain of some kind with spikes attached to it and recognised it as his signature weapon.
‘so that's what his weapon really is’ Kalt thought to himself, he had always wondered what Druff’s weapon was but never had the guts to ask him.

Druff looked at Kalt with an annoyed face. “You can’t stay out of trouble for five minutes can you?” he mocked Kalt.

Before Kalt knew it he felt three pairs of hands touching him all over, he then saw Huji, Kilik and a distraught looking Hev all pouting over him, Hev was the most frantic out of them, checking him for any injuries. Aside from his collapsing from using his Soul Power, Kalt wasn't hurt anywhere, Huji and Kilik were doing the same but not to the same extent that Hev was.
Kalt looked to see several teachers and Druff picking up the unconscious Yan and dragging him away.

Kalt wanted to ask where they were taking him but he was too exhausted to speak, several more Healers then appeared and ushered Huji and Kilik away as they lifted him up by his arms and started escorting him through the crowd to most likely the infirmary wing.
Druff and the teachers dragged Yan off into the direction of Druff’s office which was the opposite way to Kalt so he couldn’t get a good look at what they were doing to him and he couldn’t hear them say anything.

He did hear Huji however directing a few more Healers into the dormitory telling them about Carsus and Werpic, he could also hear Kilik calling out his name as a Healer told her to calm down and let him treat her bruises.
‘About time they got here’
Kalt thought to himself.

As they took him away, Kalt could only think of Yan, what Yan meant when he said if Kalt thought the skills of a Mamto was Yan’s only power, how Yan was able to stop Kalt’s Soul Power form, and exactly how Yan knew that Kalt was the Prophecy when he himself found out only a few hours ago.

It was clear to Kalt that Yan was being possessed, but by whom he kept on wondering.



The teachers threw Yan to the floor of Druff’s arena and surrounded him, there were fifteen teachers covering Yan when Druff entered the circle they had made to examine him.
Druff glanced over him with his Kertica vision, he had seen the colour of this energy before but only a few times.

This only happens when somebody is possessed by a powerful force, most likely a Naw, but even still it has to be an exceptional Naw to pull off this kind of control, and more to the point what is a Naw doing out of Terytan and in Respoten?’ Druff thought to himself.


The End

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