The Demon

Kalt could see the shapes of Huji and Kilik banging on the bubble to try and get to him but Kalt was glad they couldn’t enter the bubble, this way he wouldn’t be able to hurt anybody except for Yan.

Before Yan could react, Kalt fired a steady stream of rapidly freezing ice. It hit Yan and his hands and legs became enveloped in thick ice, Kalt immediately followed up his ice spell by firing ten fireballs at him, followed closely by gusts of air bullets which fanned the fire and increased the size of the fireballs to the size of an entire person.

Yan screamed as the fireballs exploded all around him blasting him back and forth and shooting him across the bubble hitting its side and slid down it, he struggled back on his feet when he saw a flash and something hitting him.

Crescent blow!” Kalt yelled with golden eyes.

The half-moon shaped energy imprinted itself on Yan and he stood there staring at it wondering what would happen. After a few seconds nothing happened, so Yan took a few steps forward when the energy exploded on Yan and blew him backwards again as he hit the bubble and he coughed up some blood from the impact.

Yan squirmed from the pain as he held onto his body from the spell, Kalt just stood where he was taking no chances. Yan, after a few moments, shot up and fired a beam of light from his hands whilst his eyes were glowing gold.
The beam hit the other end of the bubble and made a small bang, Kalt had disappeared from sight and Yan glanced around desperately trying to look for him.

Before he found him it was too late, Kalt had ran behind Yan in the blink of an eye and kicked him square in the back sending Yan flying towards the middle of the bubble.
When he skidded to a stop Kalt was already where he was lying, Yan tried to react but Kalt grabbed him by his collar and threw him back down to the floor.

Yan tried to crawl away as Kalt stood there in disgust at Yan. “If you’re going to kill me, try considering what I can do next time before you attack my friends” he said angrily.

Yan stopped crawling and lay on the ground not moving; Kalt approached him cautiously and kept his guard up. As he got closer Kalt was becoming more and more vigil to any tricks that Yan might try but it seemed as if Kalt had really won.
He got close enough to touch him but made no more movement as he kept alert to what Yan could be plotting.

Then something happened that Kalt did not expect.

Yan burst into a cloud of ash and disappeared which made Kalt turn around wide eyed and examined everywhere around him in the bubble.
It was evident immediately that Kalt had been beating up a doppelganger, how he was able to create one Kalt had no idea. Doppelgangers were high level dark element spells, an element he and Yan hadn’t even begun learning yet.

“Up here” Kalt heard a demonic voice say.
Kalt looked up just in time to see the heel of Yan’s shoe hitting his nose and sent him crashing into the ground. Kalt immediately reacted and rolled away from the spot and shrug off the pain, he stood up and ran around in circles within the bubble in the blink of an eye.

The real Yan was in the middle and he was moving very slow to Kalt whilst he was moving at super speed. Kalt took the chance and charged in to attack by punching him, when Yan all of a sudden moved as fast as he was moving and struck Kalt in the face instead.

Kalt was knocked back and he released the control of his Soul Power and his vision because he lost his concentration, Kalt returned to normal and straight away couldn’t move because of his use of the Soul Power.
His muscles were completely shot and Kalt couldn’t move an inch, he could see everybody trying to bang on the bubble to help him and Yan advancing towards him slowly.

“Poor little boy, you’ve got a lot to learn before you can be considered a true Hero of the World, but alas it is too late for you” Yan said, enjoying Kalt’s inability to move.
“How... how did you... you keep up with me... in my... my Soul Power...?” Kalt said breathlessly and weakly.
“Idiot, do you think I was limited to simple spells of a Mamto?” Yan said.

Kalt was speechless and tried to speak but was too weak to; Yan stood over him and raised his hand to prepare for the finishing blow.

“The Prophecy ends here!” Yan screeched.

‘I can’t die here!’ Kalt thought to himself, his heartbeat slowed as he watched Yan’s hand gather energy. Yan’s blank face managed a smile as Kalt scrunched his face waiting for the blow.


But it never came.

The End

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